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Private transportation to Avis

The best way to get Avis.

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Are you looking for a private shuttle service to get to "Avis"? Then look no further than Shuttles.com.mx! We are a reliable company providing private transportation services since 2014. We guarantee quality service and low fares at every ride. At Shuttles.com.mx, we understand the importance of comfort and convenience when it comes to traveling. That's why we have made sure to provide the best private transportation services in the area. With our wide range of vehicles, from sedans and minivans to SUV's and luxurious limousines, we can accommodate any of your needs. We also offer airport pick-up and drop off services, so you don't have to worry about waiting in long lines for a taxi or public transportation. If you're looking for a trusted transportation service, Shuttles.com.mx is the best choice. Our experienced team of professionals strive to provide the highest level of customer service. Our staff is always friendly, professional, and courteous. We want to make sure that all of our customers have a pleasant experience with us, so we always take the time to answer any questions or concerns that they might have. Here are 5 interesting facts about Avis:

  • Avis was founded in 1946: Avis was founded by Warren Avis, who had developed an innovative car-rental system. It was the first car-rental company in the US and quickly became a major player in the industry.
  • Avis is the second-largest car-rental company in the world: By 2018, Avis had grown to become the second-largest car rental company in the world, with over 5,000 locations in 165 countries.
  • Avis wants to make renting a car easier: Avis has worked hard to make renting a car simpler and more efficient. The Avis app allows customers to rent directly from their phone, while the Avis Preferred program offers exclusive discounts and perks for frequent renters.
  • Avis has a range of unique services: Avis offers a range of services, such as one-way car rentals, electric vehicle rentals, long-term rentals and car sharing. Avis also offers specialty services, such as van rentals and luxury car rentals.
  • Avis was the first car-rental company to go public: Avis was the first car rental company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It went public in 1954, and today it is one of the most successful companies in the industry.
If you're looking for a reliable and affordable way to get to “Avis”, Shuttles.com.mx is the perfect choice. We offer comfortable and convenient private transportation services that will make your travel experience hassle-free. Give us a call today at +1 (646) 760 4008 or email us at info@shuttles.com.mx to book your next trip.

Avis Location

map from Cancun Airport to Avis Are you ready to book your private transportation? Book Now

Avis private transportation services:

  • Private Transportation from Cancun International Airport to Avis.
  • Private Transportation from Avis to Cancun International Airport.
  • Group transportation to Avis.
  • Transportation from other hotel to Avis.
  • Transportation from Avis to other Hotel or destination.

Some Avis transportation FAQ

How long is Avis from the airport?

The hotel is around 30 mintes from the airport and vice versa.

What time is my pick up?

Your pickup at Avis schedules 03:00 hours before your return flight time.

Where is Avis located?

Avis is located in Cancún Hotel Zone in Quintana Roo México.